About Us

Afrimine Southern Africa Ltd is a manufacturing and supply chain solution company that provide cost effective solutions in the supply chain industry.

We have our Head Office in South Africa, with a branch in Namibia and a branch in Zambia. We are also agents and distributors for reputable manufacturing powerhouses worldwide of high quality mining equipment and abrasives, electrical and power equipment and consumables, industrial safety wear, boots and protective wear. We supply high quality mineral reagents, mining solvents and water treatment chemicals.


Our mission statement is to constantly strive to find means and ways to provide cost effective business solutions in all areas of our clients’ businesses and requirements The company is standing strongly and firmly due to the great business acumen and great support that we get from all our clients on the African continent. Our focus is to continuously work hard and find new technological ways of providing cost effective solutions to all our clients to reduce costs and attain optimum profits in all their business operations. We as the Afrimine Sales team have the model or mechanism to improve on customer service lead time and provide cost effective solutions and still maintain quality and efficiency. The model is known as RTMP (Reduce Time Maximize Profits). We cannot achieve all this without control. Our claim is “POWER IS NOTHING WITHOUT CONTROL” The idea of Afrimine SA Ltd is quality and action; high performance, quality products, research and innovation combined with responsibility, safety and respect for all our clients whether small or big and the environment.

Our Strategy And Vision


    Afrimine SA Pty Ltd surpasses its competitors by becoming more competitive after introducing its own Transport and Logistics Division and delivers all its products right on time at very cost effective transport rates.


    Our vision is to become one of the top best competitive and very cost effective business solution provider in Central and Southern Africa. We see our company as being different, ethical, great customer centric and effective service provider in the near future. We want to be the leader in the supply chain solution in the market, anticipating industrial transformation and to embrace the change of “Green Performance”.


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Our corporate image sets a brand standard and reflects the high standard of service offered throughout all levels of our business divisions to satisfy the customer.

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Our prominent customer centric approach and commitment in business ensures the unparalleled customer service expertise and assured differential performance.

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We believe in conducting all our business honestly, transparent and more effectively. This allows us to build remarkable relations and partnerships with all our business partners.

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Approval from all our clients stands testimony to our excellent service delivery, quality and reliability of our products of renowned and reliable brands guarantees durability.

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Our employees are well trained, skilled and motivated. They take pride in individual service contribution. Our established supplier correlations help sustain the high quality standards in service delivery and products.

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Our focus is to continuously identify and support projects that will make a noted difference and empowerment to the community’s wellbeing and livelihoods. We also have a footprint in community awareness to protect the environment.